Painting is a way for me to express my infatuation with life, the world, the cosmos and my emotional place within it. This meditative process quiets my mind and allows me to create unique landscapes through creative discovery and spontaneity. A common theme in my artwork is physical and emotional transience, which I explore by shifting my perspective between microscopic, macroscopic and telescopic landscapes.

These landscapes are a blend of personal observation and an inner dreamscape of color and story. Too often life gets filled with the boredom everyday living and we lose sight of the magic around us. My paintings strive to bring people back to an often neglected place of childlike wonder as well as develop an appreciation for our natural environment both near and far, seen and unseen.

Creating this website is a way for me to share my creative process and thoughts with you. From here you may see what’s happening in my studio currently, photos of things I find personally inspiring (which may eventually show up in future works), thoughts about what’s going on in my mind, and perhaps a look back into my creative history. My hope is that my growth and evolution as an artist/painter can be brought together in one place, shared and given some coherent form for myself and whomever else is interested.

Thanks for visiting!



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