Oh. Revisited.


Oh.9, 18″x14″

I’ve been working on a perpetual painting that morphs with time…

I consider this piece to be a meditation about welcoming and accepting change and positively looking forward. Frequently, I find myself attached to certain aspects of life and it can be quite difficult to let go of what once was. I can accept and inform new ways of being and living to accommodate these changes or I can resist and struggle with what is beyond my control.  Bodies change, relationships change, families change, people change, responsibilities change, goals change, knowledge changes, everything does… Painting is no different. This piece is about letting go of desired outcomes and destinations and being open to new opportunities with fresh eyes.

I take a picture after each full painting session (anywhere from 15-60 minutes). Even if I am comfortable with what I’ve painted this piece challenges me to keep going and to keep changing my mindset. Looking at an “unfinished” painting with fresh eyes and mind can be difficult. We fear that change can bring us loss. We’ll make a mistake or choose the wrong path… Or the path we previously chose ceases to be regardless of our desires and efforts. Change can be a creative force that flows constantly and challenges our safety net of rigid resistance and opposition.  It brings us new experiences, new forms, and personal growth from overcoming previous challenges. Nothing stays the same – this is certain. I believe making peace with change and learning to thrive in it is a worthwhile practice.

See where this painting began and its progression here.

As more and more layers emerge I wonder if I’ll be able to let go indefinitely…



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One Response to Oh. Revisited.

  1. Carol Lee Murray says:

    Hi Sweetheart, I love this picture! It reminds me of a new beginings concept. Just like me!

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