“We’ll pick you up!”

Interdependence, 50″x40″

On Wednesday, I arranged to pick up a rental car to have at my disposal for Thursday. My husband needed the car for the day for an appointment. Spending a few hours picking up and dropping off a rental car would be a bit of a pain, but having the car all day Thursday was going to make a busy, full day possible. I went with the flow. I was picked up by a very friendly driver, I’ll call him George, on a gorgeous and sunny afternoon. We chatted all the way to the car rental location. Turns out he has two brothers and one sister and I have one brother and two sisters. We discussed differences in siblings as it related to my two daughters and George’s own relationship with his brother. George was the debate club type while his brother was very athletic. My girls are currently in a jump roping camp together which highlights some of the personality differences between them. Despite their differing skills they enjoy the camp and don’t seem competitive with each other which is very nice. It’s fascinating to watch as they develop in their own way.

We also talked about baseball, being fit, and other things. It was very pleasant- we were laughing and smiling. Had I been in a very different mood (or brought a different energy) I may have been more quiet, internally focused, perhaps even assumed we had nothing in common or not bothered to find out as I waited to get my rental car. Instead I gained a connecting experience, had a great conversation, and went about my day feeling positive.

Thursday morning I woke up with an action plan. My kids had a field trip in 90 minutes and they had to be on the bus and ready to go. My Sweetie was already out for the day. I roused my kids and let them know I was driving to the store for about 25 minutes to get a few essentials for their lunches while they woke up. They were cool. Everything was going according to plan, groceries were purchased, I was feeling good, and I was about to head home looking forward to my day. After fumbling around and retracing my steps I discovered I locked the keys to the rental car in the car! Doh!!! Not today… Apparently yes today. What was I going to do? I even left my cell phone at home. I have to remember to say, “How fascinating,” next time something like this happens as a gentle reminder to put it in perspective. I didn’t have the number for my roadside service and my thinking was giving way to my feelings of worry for my kids, guilt over leaving them alone for a short trip that looked like it would be much longer than expected, then more guilt about the kids most likely missing their field trip because I wouldn’t be able to get them there in time due to my error. I tried to prepare for this busy day and I botched it big time! Breathe…  Easier said than done sometimes.

Two workers at my local grocery store were really fantastic as they generously went out of their way to guide and assist me as I was figuring out what to do. I’ll call them Todd and Susan. My thinking wasn’t the clearest. It was still early, I had no tea or anything, and I was getting emotionally flooded. Todd put me on the phone with AAA but since I was not a member they could not help me. I couldn’t wait for a tow truck as I needed to get home right away. I could call the police but I was in Oakland. Cops don’t come quickly unless shots are fired. My “dilemma”, while a big deal to me and my kids, was not really an emergency. I decided to grab one bag of fruit for my kids’ lunches and then literally run home over the big hill. Then maybe we could take a cab to camp and I could figure out the car situation later… with my phone. What was possible? Susan walked out with me to the parking lot when she learned what I was going to do. Breathe… Susan reminded me 🙂 She asked which car was mine and called her roadside assist service and then she drove me home over the hill with her car. I was so thankful!!! I greeted and reassured my kids and told them about what happened. They continued to get ready as I tried to arrange for a cab. The first place hung up automatically. The second had no cars available. I was just about to call the next one when Todd called me from the store to inform me that Susan now had my keys from her road side assist call. I ran back to the store, got the rental car, picked up my kids with fresh fruit in their recently packed lunches, and we made it in time for the bus with time to spare! The kids had an awesome field trip 🙂 I was a bit worked up over that roller coaster but I was very happy and cosmically thankful for how it all worked out.

Community is all around us. If we all reach out and step up to one another openly with curiosity and goodwill, and take time to talk to the “strangers” (yes it IS ok to talk to strangers) rather than choosing to isolate ourselves due to fear, inconvenience and/or disinterest of the unknown- we might just get somewhere really nice together. It is time to be appreciative of the abundance right around me and to contribute it forward as best I can! As much as we try to be self sufficient and independent we really do rely on each other. Here’s to respect and consideration of our communal and global interdependence!

Thank you for the ride 🙂 Thank you for your kindness and your generosity of spirit!

I’ve been thinking about global interdependence a lot lately and how the energy we each bring forth has a direct impact on the energy of those around us- whether we realize it or not. After my morning experience I went to my studio to decompress and reflect. I was ready to begin a new painting journey. My heart was full of gratitude for just how wonderful and supportive we can all be towards each other.  This piece is the beginning of my visual meditation about acknowledging our joyful interdependence. We’ll see where it goes from here.

Just wanted to add that on Friday I dropped off my rental car and experienced yet another wonderful conversation with Ed while he drove me home. I actually have met Ed before during earlier car rental experiences with previous wonderful conversations. Just another reminder about how rich and full this world is and how we can be touched and nourished from the most unexpected moments.

With appreciation,


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