Interwoven Rhythm and Melody

Interwoven Rhythm and Melody, 50″x40″

I started a painting, Interwoven Melody and Rhythm, several months ago while I simultaneously taught myself to play a song on the piano via youtube. There is an earlier version of this painting here. I loved being able to visually connect my new musical skills and the feelings they evoked into my painting practice. Music is a very important creative, emotional, and physical source to me. It moves and inspires me. I usually listen to music when I create. By learning how to make music I felt my brain was changing and forming new pathways and connections which helped foster new ideas in me. Right after learning one song I had so many new thoughts and ideas about what I wanted to do and what I was interested in. My months filled up with new things I wanted to pursue and I am still feeling the flow several months later. If anything I am trying to figure out how to fit it all. Could it be that learning how to play one song on the piano opened up new pathways for me to gain momentum in other aspects of my life?

I did a google search on “music and science” after my painting was complete and stumbled upon  an awesome documentary called, The Music Instinct: Science and Song, with many talented musicians like Bobby McFerrin and Yo Yo Ma. I highly recommend watching it! The film investigates how music affects people’s brains and how it can be used for healing and communal connection. The film strongly resonates for me as I see parallel ways that painting, making, and experiencing art can be equally therapeutic.

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