Cycles and Oscillations…

Oh, 16″x20″

I wonder why it is so hard to make substantial changes in my life that stick. I start something positive, like new creative ideas, business ideas, excercise routines, reading/research, eating habits, and then my inner balance shifts for reasons both inside and outside my control. Inevitably I falter and need to take time to pick up or collect all of my intentions once again.

Instead of seeing the negative, “Oh, no I’ve dropped several of my intentions!” I try and look at the positive, “Everything is all jumbled up. Now is a great opportunity to assess and reconfigure how I am living my life and the choices I make.”  It’s good to remind myself that many things come in waves and cycles. Spring shifts to summer which shifts to fall which shifts to winter… and then it’s spring again- albeit one year later. We don’t ever go back to a time that has past. Circumstances may seem familiar as we make our way but it is (we are) never the same. We move along multiple, continuous cork-screw patterns that ebb and flow through the days, weeks, seasons, and years. Each time we make our way around a “loop” we have the ability to take what we have learned thus far and grow in new directions. It’s a process that’s as long as existence.

I have a dream that is slowly revealing itself. It comes in fits and spurts. Each bit of it sheds new light on that which I couldn’t see clearly before. They can surround me like a lobbing hailstorm- obscuring my view. Or they can be far off like planets going unnoticed in the night sky. Each has it’s own time and form…

So how do I connect these hailstorms with those distant planets in my life? I believe the first step is to observe and take notice.

My planets: I have a dream to be involved in a community art space that fosters healing through creativity. This community would seek to share their creative passions in the form of diverse classes or workshops or gatherings. There would be private practice and communal practice opportunities. I believe that making art is synonymous with healing oneself and making communal art leads to communal healing. Wouldn’t that be great! By engaging our own creativity and vision, both independently and collectively, we harness the power to change not just our lives but the lives of those around us for the better. Villages form and from everything I’ve heard it always takes a village. Art is often assumed to be for those who have talent or for those who make things that appeal to others. This view in my mind cheapens the role of art in our society and keeps people from discovering art’s greater purpose: art as the practice of self healing.

My hailstorm: Can I find a place/venue to experiment with different gatherings or classes? Where do I meet like minded people and how do I prioritize developing relationships with the limited time I have? What service am I offering? I need to keep making my own art. I need to nurture my existing relationships and priorities. Swimming lessons. Fixing the window. Mail that check. Etc…

Thanks for spending time with me as I brainstorm. If you have similar dreams and ideas let me know 🙂


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4 Responses to Cycles and Oscillations…

  1. love the circles in circles in circles. the word ephemeral comes to mind. very beautiful.

  2. Char says:

    What a thoughtful and insightful piece – the art and the writing! Yes, I agree about the continual tensions associated with significant change. You are amazing and I’m looking forward to hearing more.

  3. kammyville says:

    Hi Char 🙂 Wow, thank you so much for the wonderful compliment! It is very touching and I am so happy that my artwork and my writing resonated with you. I intend to keep at it. I am thankful to know that my sharings are well received.


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