My Mobile Canvas: 5 (Photopainting)

Painting digitally on photos has recently become a fun past time of mine. I’ll start with a photo that I’ve taken with my phone and layer on top of it with my Sketch and Draw App. I don’t have super fancy tools or software yet but it is very fun!!! I love taking pictures and some photos compel me to play with them more. The freedom to bust out with color wherever I happen to be with no preparation is awesome! Just me, my phone and the moment. I find it fitting that I have to put it in airplane mode (to block ads) to functionally use my phone as a canvas and make whatever space around me my studio.


Radiance, photopainting

Radiance (above) was a two part process. On vacation I stole away half an hour from my family to capture the only sunset I was able to witness while away. I am very thankful for that time. The clouds and sun creating quite the show while waves and roosters serenaded the sun goodnight and I soaked in the last of its light and warmth for the day. Back home it was time to catch up with the world and the life I put on hold. My studio remained empty due to higher priorities and I grew hungry to be there, to reconnect.  One night it was too late for studio but I had some time and chose my mobile canvas to play with. It doesn’t quite fill the same need as painting at my studio but it does keep me centered and creative while I wait patiently for my daily priorities to shift.

Thoughts and Dreams

Thoughts and Dreams, photopainting

Each of these pieces have stories and moments behind them. Thoughts and Dreams (above) originated from me creating order and harmony in my home. Eliminating clutter and creating homes for things and keeping them there. Making these new household habits a design project makes it more fun and fulfilling. I noticed how I enjoyed the visual play between these two random sculptures. One from my childhood home and the other a leftover bisque figure from my daughter’s birthday party last year. So it is both old and new, past and future with thoughts and dreams (one’s awareness) holding them together.

Perception, photopainting

Perception (above). A fleeting moment shared with my daughter at a restaurant. She seemed to be beaming from the inside out! My visual reality of the moment didn’t do what I felt inside justice. I wanted to transform the photo to expose a different part of the energy spectrum than what my eyes could see.  This piece is a play on how we perceive and interpret our own experiences and how reality really is subjective.

Found HeART, photopainting

Found HeART (above) is my first ever photopainting 🙂 I was cleaning and noticed my fabric glue had spilled and dried on top of my sewing cart. This was the shape it was in. The squeezy, shiny heart-shaped blob was fascinating to me. Being close to Valentines Day I set forth to make a picture for my Love while also playing with my sketch app in a new way. This is what I made. Beyond this image the HeART still has a life of its own. We now take turns hiding it around the house. Leaving it for someone else to unexpectedly discover it.

Have a wonderful day!


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