Still painting :)

Just letting you know- I am not completely stuck in my mobile canvas… I am painting and I’m also learning how to play the piano. I’ve found Paganful’s Youtube lessons to be very helpful. My first song is, Mad World, from the movie Donnie Darko. Learning how to play the piano is an incredible experience. So much so that it is inspiring my current painting, Interwoven, which is shown below. This is a sneak peek of where it is right now. More evolution to come…

Interwoven, 50"x40"

Hibernate is another piece I completed this winter while in my own state of “hibernation” and reflection. The pace of life does not let up. Time keeps marching and if we allow it to we can let it swallow us up within its unchanging momentum. Filling each moment with appointments, checklists and ever more things to do. What is the meaning of it? Does a stacked google calendar indicate personal success and fulfillment? Is being busy supporting the lives we want? Is it effectively getting us to where we want to be? Or is it just hiding the fact that time is slipping away?

I have fond, childhood memories of snow arriving with its muffled silence and chilling stillness. During these “storms” everything would stop and the world around me glistened. Even time itself seemed to pause, briefly at least, until the plows came through the town. Too soon the world was in motion again. I miss those quiet pauses that mother nature gave me. A chance to contemplate, to play, to create, and to reacquaint myself with me. Don’t wait for the snow. It may not come.

Hibernate, 20"x16"

Instead, make it!!!

Thank you for reading.


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