Wearing masks became a theme for two new pieces digitally made on my phone.  The idea came alive after I watched Why We Wear Masks via  Soul Art Studios. I don’t know about you but I have a nice collection of masks. Some are different variations of me trying to be my best self: focusing on my perceived strengths. Some I bring out because I think I have to, should do or because it’s expected. And some are more fearful for and protective of my vulnerable self.

Morning Mask

Evening Mask

Each mask I choose to wear informs how I engage in the world and directly influences what life offers me and what I offer the world. They are all important and provide opportunity for growth/healing but not one of them alone provides for safe AND fulfilling passage through this life. It’s a balancing act knowing which ones to wear and like many I struggle to find the right one (or several) at the right time.

Experimenting with your masks through trial and error can be very good things. You never know how you’ll feel or respond unless you try. You’ll also never know your full potential if you never challenge yourself to try new things or go beyond what you previously knew. We are not static beings. Or at least we can choose not to be. Make a new mask for yourself and see what happens. Combine different ones at different times and see if you notice your happiness changing. As your experience increases you can pursue the path that brings the greatest personal reward. A new avenue of exploration may open up for you…  a new hobby… perhaps even a new career or way of being!

I’m still trying on several masks and setting aside old ones that don’t work for me. I sometimes feel disheartened if I come up empty after great effort. I feel loss over missed dreams and it’s hard to let go. At times I find myself holding onto a mask that no longer serves me or worse is holding me back. This may arise when I am fearful of the unknown. When I haven’t accepted change that’s come into my life. Or when habits keep me entrenched and blind within the carved walls of my own repetition. Starting over isn’t easy but it is a way to keep moving forward. So long as you are starting over you are not stuck and will keep seeking new opportunity. Wrong turns eventually lead to the right ones.

The masks I created above are reminders that there is richness and passion hidden behind the facade of whatever masks we have on. There is so much untapped potential energy that we often overlook and don’t share it. It may seem too scary to release it all. What will people think? Can I live up to my own expectations and desires? Will this be another flop? What if I share it and no one values or appreciates it? Well you’ll never know until you try. And you may just find that people are just like you. Wearing their own masks and projecting filtered views of themselves. If you share more of yourself, others may share more of themselves and you can tap into that richness and unharnessed energy. I believe the real reward begins when you can finally start to take off all of your masks and filters and others join you – and then you can just be!

With appreciation,


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2 Responses to Masks

  1. Kelly Bohan says:

    Very cool, Kammy! One of the things I love about being around you is that I feel I can be myself.

    “If you share more of yourself, others may share more of themselves and you can tap into that richness and unharnessed energy.” What a lovely thought!!

    Thank you!!,

  2. kammyville says:

    Awe, I’m feeling warm fuzzies from your comment and I definitely feel the same way around you 🙂 Thank you!

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