My Mobile Canvas: Intro

I have a new phone and with that comes new creative apps. Yay!!! I am going to start sharing new digital artwork that I make on my phone. These are often really quick, doodling-type designs. However, some of them are more involved studies. The app allows me to pick colors and “paintbrushes/size”. The “paintbrushes” are really interesting to me. Instead of creating single strokes like many doodling apps these “paintbrushes” are more like geometrical pattern functions that react to what’s already drawn as you touch the screen. How I swipe the screen determines a lot about the shape, size and density of the marks made on the screen. The strokes are also a bit unpredictable- leading to unexpected discoveries. These characteristics combined make it feel similar to painting for me. It’s all new and I love being able to explore new creative ideas and graphical themes on the fly. We’ll see if these e-sketches have a positive influence on my regular studio time.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy them!

The app I’m using is Sketch-n-draw. It’s a really fun android app. You should check it out.





More from my Mobile Canvas:
My Mobile Canvas: 1

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