Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly, 16"x20"

I had the pleasure of participating in my first ever Open Studio! It was a personal milestone for me and I really appreciated those who came by.  Thank you. Transforming my workspace into a showcase for all of my artwork, lighting included, was rewarding and fun. It prompted me to complete many finishing touches on my paintings- like varnishing, mounting on frames, hanging hardware and finishing the sides of my canvases. Plus, marketing swag (notecards, postcards and a few mugs) arrived just in time. In the end I was happy with my presentation and ready to share!

Nervousness gave way to comfort after the first few people came. It’s rare that I get to spend two full weekends at my studio (let alone a full day) so I did what I usually do and started to paint.  I just did my thing and enjoyed peoples’ comments as they came up the stairs as well as the conversations that often followed. It was very nice to meet fellow creatives who took time to share their thoughts and ideas with me. Finally, I was really touched by people who expressed interest and enjoyment from my paintings. It is quite something to be sharing walls of my emotional, colorful outpouring with whoever comes by. Thank you very much for the kind reception! I finished the 2nd weekend feeling very upbeat and positive.  

The painting above is the piece that I was working on during the event. If you stopped by you may recognize it. It’s quite fitting that the painting is titled Learning to Fly since that is exactly what I’m doing. The theme is a take-off of my last piece, The Phoenix of Radical Acceptance, but it is also heavily influenced by many friends and family who have or are expecting wonderful new additions joining their families. Lots of love in the air I guess. Since then I’ve been sketching a lot of little vignettes with similar characterization and themes and hopefully you’ll be seeing new paintings and perhaps even a story emerge.

In gratitude,


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One Response to Learning to Fly

  1. Becky says:

    Kammy, this painting is phenomenal! I love it! It is so evocative of joy and life and trust between mother and child — everyone is learning to fly! Together! Very beautiful and very moving. I am so happy to see you pursuing your creativity.

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