Evolution of One Painting

“Stardust”- 50″x40″

Painting allows me to explore color, space and light during the entire process. I’ll start off with an idea, mood or motion to get me started and then the fun of exploration takes over. From beginning to end I take action, pause/reflect and then take more action. It’s a continuous dialogue between the painting and myself. While the end product is part of the equation I’m really more interested in spending time “in” the painting.

Below you can see the evolution of my most recent painting, Stardust.  Each photo shows the day to day progression…

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One Response to Evolution of One Painting

  1. Leanne says:

    Wow, it was so interesting to see how this progressed Kammy! It’s as if your painting took it’s own life form drawing energy from several different sources. The end result looks like a convergence of various worlds with a main character brought forth throughout them. I’ve always enjoyed your work and am even more fascinated to see it’s progression.

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