Why I Paint, Part 1

Abstraction, 16″x20″

Hello, I’d like to go behind the scenes and discuss why I paint. Simple right? Well I came up with a lot of thoughts that I’d like to share with you, so I’ve broken it up into several parts. Thanks for reading!

Painting is the conduit for me to process the journey that I am on and it’s also the best way I know how to communicate my internal thoughts with you. Maybe, just maybe you’ll relate with what I’m saying- which would totally make my day (or week).  However, I assure you that I am still painting and there will be more to share soon. In the meantime…

Painting is a way for me to be present with myself. I’ve always dabbled in artistic endeavors but I didn’t find a creative home until I began painting. It was like a light switch flipped on. All of the sudden it was quiet and calm inside and energy poured out of me creating something that would forever be a time capsule of where I was in that moment while also potentially bringing enjoyment to myself and others. This realization happened in college when I took a couple of painting classes to supplement my architectural studies. After enjoying it for bit I started to push my painting into a box. Ok- I can paint. So what will I do with it? Presents to friends and family, aid my architectural design (my rationally chosen path)? I didn’t allow it to be just what it was- an enjoyable experience for my own benefit, growth and well being.

-to be continued…

Why I Paint, Part 2

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